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From 0️⃣➡️🔟 Making Movement Fun Again 😅

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

I should have known by the look on her face she was plotting to break free 😅

After mile 8 we took a mandatory playground stop. She even got to test out her beloved rain boots in the creek.

If I’d been on my own I wouldn’t have stopped, but I’m glad we did.

It was fun and I literally caught my second wind to get home. 😅


Starting my week with a long run has become a necessity. I use my run to “empty” out the stress of the old week and start the new week refreshed.

In late 2014 when I started my weight & wellness journey, I never could have imagined I’d be posting I’d completed 🔟mile run for fun & with a stroller 😳

Back then I was

40lbs overweight,

eating unhealthy,

not prioritizing sleep or self care

& I “hated exercise”

How did I get from there to today?

1️⃣Mindset shift- I stopped being hard on my self for what I didn’t do & instead focused on what I could do. Rather than get mad at myself because I didn’t workout for 30 mins., I congratulated myself on even a 1 minute workout because it was better than 0 minutes.

2️⃣Makeover my workout wardrobe.

I invested in real workout clothing that was comfortable. Wicking material was really helpful for running and helped prevent chafing (skin irritation) as I exercised.

3️⃣Movement not exercise

Overtime I’ve realized that exercise seems like a chore but movement is a gift. I’ve learned to appreciate the ability to move my body in different ways and at times challenge my body to try new activities. I’ve also learned to listen to my body when it needs rest, better food options, more water etc.

4️⃣Make food choices that fuel my body rather than slow it down.

I’ve learned just because something tastes good doesn’t mean it’s good for me. I can feel the impact of an unhealthy diet on my movement. I’ve learned most unhealthy food is really unhelpful. I’ve also found ways to make healthy food more delicious.

5️⃣Positive community and support.

When I started running one of my dear colleagues at work, Andrew, was so supportive. He’s an amazing 50-something runner & physician who still runs ultramarathons (30+). I called him my running coach because he gave me invaluable tips and support as I got started running. We even ran together a few times.

I joined and eventually co-led Walk With A Doc in Richmond, Virginia for 3 years till I moved to the DC area. These are just a few of the many people who’ve supported and encouraged me on my fitness journey. I haven’t even mentioned my Hubby, kids, Dad, Mom, Sister, MIL, friends, extended family and of course Social Media Fam #Runnerbliss. Maybe you feel like you don’t have support on your journey. I encourage you find people that get you. Start here at the EmbraceYOU page


So where are you are on your Weight & Wellness journey?

Remember this is your journey. Start small and enjoy the journey but most importantly #EmbraceYOU 💜


If you want to fall in love with your body, release extra weight, & discover your enjoyable wellness strategy then let‘s meet to discuss how Embrace You’s customized mind-body-spirit approach can help you reach your weight & wellness goals, schedule a complimentary consultation at

Complimentary consultations are limited. Schedule today. New group coaching session starts 1/22/22.

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