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Thank you for considering Embrace You Weight & Wellness for your patient's holisitic weight management needs. The mission of Embrace You Weight & Wellness is to empower our clients with a thorough understanding of their weight gain triggers and develop a personalized, scientific strategy for sustainable weight loss. Every patient receives an in-depth Weight Gain Triggers Strategy planning consultation with Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie, our Lead Physician. Dr. Bollie is dual board-certified in Internal Medicine & Obesity Medicine. Patients then enroll in our six-month program. That program includes a weekly Movement Motivation (exercise) session, Mindset Meeting (education & support group), access to our private support forum, a customized meal planning strategy, and a monthly visit with Dr. Bollie to review their Weight Gain Trigger Strategy. After 6 months they have the option of continuing to meet monthly with Dr. Bollie.
Before joining the program, your patient will need to complete a complimentary consultation with Dr. Bollie to ensure they are ready for the Embrace You Weight & Wellness program. 

To complete the referral form please use the link below. 

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