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Who We Are: About Us


Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie, MD, ABOM, FOMA

Founder, CEO & Lead Physician


My passion for individualized healthcare started after witnessing the impersonal care my Grandma Sylvia received for her chronic illnesses. I also saw the role weight and racial biases played in her care.


After having my first child, I developed obesity. I realized chronic dieting and medical school had not prepared me to lose weight healthily and keep it off holistically. I went on a quest for the latest medical information in metabolism science and obesity medicine. What I learned transformed my weight loss and wellness journey and the way I care for patients. I joined the Obesity Medicine Association and was recently elected to the Board of Trustees. I also became Board Certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

In 2020, the passing of my Dad and working on the COVID-19 frontlines inspired me to conquer fear and launch Embrace You Weight & Wellness. Embrace You is a woman-owned digital health company that empowers women with individualized, integrative, innovative metabolism and mindset tools to sustainably lose body, mind, & spirit weight.

In addition to leading Embrace You, I am a bestselling author, contributing writer, obesity consultant, nonprofit co-founder, mom, wife, runner, creative cook, lover of God & all people.

Meet the Team

Embrace You Weight & Wellness has grown into a team of several fabulous individuals who have helped make Embrace You what it is today. Allow me to introduce you to them!

Coach Gail Downing, BSN, NBC-HWC

Gail Downing.png

Health Coach, Nutritionist, Chef, Health Educator

As a trained nutrition specialist & chef with over 3 decades of experience, Gail enjoys making healthy food delicious. She's here to help you embrace tasty, healthy food you enjoy eating.

Coach Crystal Duke

Certified Fitness Specialist & Health Coach

"It's never too early or too late for change," is Crystal's motto. She has over 20 years experience in health care. A lifelong "mover", she admits she doesn't always "feel like" exercising. Crystal's here to help you embrace movement that works for you.

Crystal Duke.png
Cecelia Harker.png

Cecelia Harker

Lead Administrator

Cecelia has been with Embrace You since it started in 2020. She's your go-to help with administrative & technical support. "Never fear, Cecelia's here to help!"

It sounds corny, but it's true! You'll see!

Jasmine Jeffress

Creative Director, Social Media Strategist

Jasmine combines technology with creativity and empathy. She's multi-talented and uses her skills to help Embrace You's values shine on social media, print, and much more.

Jasmine Jeffress.png

Ready to Release Confusion &
Embrace You? 

See how Embrace You can help you find clarity in your weight & wellness journey by taking your Embrace You quiz below.​

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