Meet Dr. Sylvia Bollie


Meet Dr. Sylvia 

Hi! I’m Dr. Bollie, your double Board Certified Obesity Expert, Healthy Lifestyle Champion, and Great Listener.

I help people stop obsessing over the scale, get to their happy, healthy weight, and feel great in the process.

Through our proven approach develop a personalized, holistic, scientific weight loss strategy that you can use for the rest of your life.

Dr. Sylvia's Weight Loss & Wellness Journey

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My unhealthy relationship with food, or, more specifically, refined sugar and sweets started in college. After being restricted from overindulging in sugary treats by my health conscious parents as a child this became my go to treat in college. Fortunately throughout college and medical school I had the metabolism to support the excess energy (“calories”) I was consuming.


This all changed after I had my first child. Like many of the women in my family I gained 50lbs in pregnancy. Initially I lost 20lbs while breastfeeding on maternity leave. However after returning to work as a third year medical resident I quickly regained 10lbs as I used cheap pizza, candy and cake to soothe my stress of being a new mom with a hectic schedule. I didn’t make time for exercise or any form of self care. I continued this unhealthy pattern into my first job as Chief Medical Resident and then as primary care doctor in Richmond, VA.



                                                           Left 12 months post partum, first child

Right: 2 years into wellness journey.

First marathon, 1.5 year into wellness journey


"Be Nice to Sylvia. I like her" : Overcoming Perfectionism

When I arrived in Richmond, I was 40lbs overweight and had been for 18 months, since the birth of my son. I was officially in the obesity category. One day while attempting to counsel a patient on lifestyle changes I struggled to get the words out. I felt like a hypocrite advising others to optimize their health through weight loss and healthy living when I was not even attempting to do so. I realized that my excess weight was not only affecting my mood and well-being. It was also affecting my practice of medicine. Being a type A, perfectionist I tried to lose all the weight all at once by completely overhauling my eating and creating an unrealistic exercise plan for a full time, working toddler mom with a husband who was commuting 3 hours a day. Within 2 weeks I was already overwhelmed and feeling defeated. I was very negative about whenever I wasn’t “perfect” on my exercise or healthy eating. This would set up self-defeating pattern. The more negative I was, the worse I would do on my weight loss journey.

I confided in my good friend Kriss, and she said to me “Be nice to Sylvia. I like her.” 

Small Changes Lead to Lasting Results 

That simple advice unlocked the key to success in my weight journey. Once I started being kind to myself I was able to find solutions to the obstacles in my weight loss journey rather than berating myself for “making excuses.” Those “excuses” were actually my life and I just needed to navigate around them. Since the enormity of the amount of weight was daunting to me so I focused on 1lb at a time or rather one change at a time. I began to make small changes towards losing weight. I made healthier food substitutions. I started out with 10mins of exercise most days and gradually increased. By 2016 I had run a full marathon. The most important lesson I learned was what my “triggers” are for weight gain.



Left: 8 months pregnant

Right: Seven months postpartum (40lbs down)

Know Your Weight Triggers 

I jokingly say my weight gain triggers are: pregnancy, stress, sleep deprivation and cheap pizza. However it’s true. By identifying my obesity triggers I am able to modify the controllable factors. While stress is unavoidable, I’ve learned positive ways to recognize and respond to it. The most important lesson I’ve learned on my weight journey is to love and prioritize myself and my needs. This helps to reduce my stress levels so I crave unhealthy foods less. I’m excited to say that understanding my triggers and how to healthily respond to them helped me lose the 40lbs I gained with my second child in less than 12 months. 

Focus on Progress Not Perfection 

My weight journey isn’t perfect but I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be. It just needs to be consistent. Also I’ve learned to value more than just the numbers on the scale. I’m grateful to have the energy and stamina I need to play with my two energetic children. Plus I’m showing them how to have a well balance healthy lifestyle that isn’t overly restrictive.

I hope my weight loss story helps to inspire you to: be kind to yourself on your weight journey, transform your  obstacles to opportunities and focus on small sustainable changes. 

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Dr. Bollie's Weight Loss Journey

Dr. Sylvia Bollie's Official Biography

Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie, M.D. is a double board certified body positive weight & wellness physician expert, Bestselling author and creator & C.E.O. of Embrace You Weight & Wellness. 

Dr. Sylvia personally connects to weight and wellness, having  lost 60lbs of baby weight twice and  maintained her weight loss for over 7 years through her personalized, holistic, scientific weight loss strategy. Dr. Sylvia has had well over 10,000 patient encounters and helped hundreds of patients reach their weight goals through her down to earth, holistic personalized approach to scientific, sustainable weight loss.

Dr. Sylvia attended Wesleyan College in Macon, George where she graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s in Biology. For her medical training, she graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.  At George Washington, in addition to her medical degree, she also received a certificate for special training in Medical Education Leadership. Her Internal Medicine Residency was completed at the George Washington University Hospital where she also served as Primary Care Chief Resident from 2013-2014. Dr. Sylvia obtained her Board Certification from the American Board of Internal Medicine in 2014. From 2014-2019 Dr. Bollie served over 2500 primary care patients as a primary care physician in the Bon Secours Health System in Richmond, VA, and had close to 10,000 patient visits. It was during her time at Bon Secours she matured her passion for treating obesity and weight-related conditions. After personally losing 40 lbs in 1 year (60 lbs total postpartum weight ) and learning more about obesity medicine, she formalized her experience by becoming board certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine in 2017. 

From 2017-2019 Dr. Sylvia was site leader & Medical Director for the Bon Secours Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program, where she helped over 60 program enrollees successfully lose an average of 40lbs within 6 months. Over the years Dr. Sylvia has helped hundreds of general weight management patients, lose weight, and keep it off with or without weight loss medication based on the individual’s weight loss needs. 

While working on the COVID-19 frontlines, in 2020, Dr. Sylvia launched the Embrace You Weight & Wellness Program to equip women who have struggled with their weight with her secrets to personalized, sustainable weight loss. In addition to passionately serving women on their weight & wellness journey, Dr. Sylvia regularly speaks on the flaws of the B.M.I., Black women & wellness, personalized obesity evaluation,  PCOS, self-love and overcoming weight bias.  Through Dr. Sylvia' s books, speaking and unique coaching program Embrace You Weight and Wellness she empowers you to stop obsessing over the scale, break up with yo-yo diets and create your customized wellness based solution. In 2021 she released the bestselling wellness strategy book "Embrace You: Your Guide to Transforming Weight Loss Misconceptions Info Lifelong Wellness." Embrace You is NOT another weight loss program or weight loss book. It is your solution  to create your lifelong wellness strategy.

Dr. Sylvia is an active member of the Obesity Medical Association. She also enjoys educating the public on weight-related topics and working to reduce weight bias and the impact of systemic racism. Dr. Bollie is a medical writer and regular contributor to Additionally her has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo News Online, and many other sites and publications

Outside of medicine Dr. Sylvia and her husband, Rodney Bollie, co-founded Institute of Basic Technology (IBT) . Liberia's only non-profit freestanding STEM Lab that serves over 600 high school students annually. Since opening in 2017, IBT has prepared students to pass the WASSCE with a 95% pass rate. 

 As a busy wife, mother of two young children, and full time physician entrepreneur Dr. Sylvia  understands firsthand the need for being strategic in creating a wellness centered lifestyle. She makes time daily for her Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Delicious Food. Dr. Sylvia enjoys organizing events, volunteering, reading, running ,music,  art of all forms, and spending time in nature.