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EmbraceYou Collaborative

Our mission at Embrace You Weight & Wellness is Transforming Obesity Care and the Weight Loss Industry to release the outdated "one size fits all" approach and embrace innovative, integrative, and individualized solutions.

We have built a strategic network of collaborators to help accomplish this mission. Learn more about them below.

Who are our Collaborators?

We're constructing a weight and wellness collaborative comprising dedicated health professionals and organizations. Our shared commitment revolves around the Embrace You principles, where we focus on treating each unique individual as a whole person, not just a number on a scale.

If you are a wellness seeker looking for referrals and tools to help you on your journey, please see the list below.

Please note that these Collaborators are independent and are not employed by Embrace You. Their opinions and viewpoints do not necessarily reflect the opinions and viewpoints of Embrace You. While we did our best to ensure the Collaborators support the mission and ideals of Embrace You, we recommend conducting your own research and find the help that you need.


If you are a health or wellness:

  • professional

  • organization

  • product

  • service

and are committed to embracing whole person care in weight & wellness, please follow the link and fill out our form to see if you qualify to be an Embrace You Collaborator.

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View all of our incredible professionals and organizations in our network below!

Dr. Bonita Coe

Virtual Health Consulting

Naheed Oberfeld

Mindset Coach

Black Physicians & Healthcare Network


Crystal Duke

Fitness Coach

Benessa Sutton

Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Angela Clack

Mental Health Clinician

Embrace You: Happy, Healthy Weight Loss Facts & Foodie Tips


Dr. Kendra Outler

Health Equity Programs

Dr. Cedrina Calder


Gail Downing


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