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Transform Your Weight Loss Struggles Into Your Lifelong Wellness Strategy

Embrace You Weight & Wellness is part of the Black Physicians & Healthcare Network and offers monthly consultations to BPHN clients. Dr. Bollie is a dual board-certified Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine physician. Dr. Bollie will review your medical history, health habits,  and wellness goals and help you create your wellness strategy for long-term weight loss and optimal metabolic health & wellness. 

For more information about Dr. Bollie's experience and approach to weight loss, click here.


Schedule Your Appointment

Set up a time for your telehealth call with Dr. Sylvia using the scheduler embedded below.


Complete the questionnaire

Please fill out the questionnaire as soon as you book your appointment. This step is so important that if you do not fill out the questionnaire, your appointment may be cancelled.


Prepare for
the call

Before the call, please make sure you are in a quiet, private environment. Be sure to limit distractions so that you and Dr. Bollie can make the most of your time together.

Schedule Your Appointment


If you live in Montgomery County Maryland and would like to transform your life and get a free prize, the ENHANCE Program is for you. ENHANCE is a grant-funded program that helps you stick to your wellness goal for three months and leads to lasting lifestyle change at no cost to you.


Learn more about the program and register below!

Information for Providers

Could your patients benefit from the ENHANCE program? Watch the webinar recording below.

Additional Resources

You can find a wealth of information on weight loss and physical, mental, and spiritual wellness on the Embrace You Blog. Check out some of Dr. Bollie's most recent articles below.

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