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Transforming Weight Loss Struggles Into Lifelong Wellness Strategies

Embrace You Weight & Wellness is part of the Black Physicians & Healthcare Network and offers an annual program to help support their mission of "Connecting the Black Community to Quality Care" in Montgomery County, Maryland. If you are also a part of BPHN, we would love to connect with and support you with resources for your patients and opportunities to collaborate and serve the community together. Check out our resources below!

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Embrace you workshop series

In 2023 we started a culturally tailored program designed to target obesity in the Black community with solutions, not statistics.

We do this program annually at the start of the year. Learn more about how your patients can benefit from the program by clicking on the link below.

Obesity and Black Health Health Fair Handout Juneteenth 2023.png

Weight information resource

Want an information card that you can show to your patients on Obesity & Black Health? Reach out to us at for your physical copies. 

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Are you planning an event and need a speaker or partner?

Fill out our speaker sheet and let us know your plans! 

Workshop Series Webinar

Are your patients seeking positive transformations in their life? We would love to help! Our workshop series offer a unique opportunity for residents of Montgomery County to thrive by improving their goals and learning to live lighter in body, mind, and spirit. Watch the webinar below to learn more about the program and how it can benefit your patients.

Additional Resources

You can find a wealth of information on weight loss and physical, mental, and spiritual wellness on the Embrace You Blog. Check out some of Dr. Bollie's highlighted articles below.

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