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Dr. Sylvia's Journey

Hi! I'm Dr. Sylvia Bollie. I'm a Child of God, Wife, Mom, Bestselling Author, and Pioneer in Integrative Obesity Medicine & Metabolic Health.

I'm also a foodie. Born & raised in Atlanta, GA, to Liberian restauranters and foodies, I grew up immersed in delicious food from around the globe.

But witnessing my Grandma Sylvia's health decline due to complications of diabetes and obesity, I also grew up fearing weight gain. So at age 15, I started yo-yo dieting to prevent weight gain while emotionally eating to cope with stress.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy triggered 60lbs weight gain. My unhealthy relationship with food & dieting caught up with me. For two years, I was 40lbs overweight due to people pleasing and perfectionism, which led to stress eating.

To finally lose the weight & keep it off, I learned to embrace positivity and personalized science. I also learned to use food as fuel. I still eat delicious food. Only it's mostly clean and lean so I feel great & stay at my happy, healthy weight.

As a busy wife, mother of two young children, and full-time physician entrepreneur I understand that maintaining weight and wellness has to fit into your lifestyle. On my Embrace You journey I've transformed my lifestyle to make time for Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Delicious Food daily. I regularly made time for leading in my local church, PTA and the community through organizing events and volunteering. I also enjoy reading, running ,music, art of all forms, and spending time in nature.

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Eight years into my weight loss & wellness journey or my "Embrace You Journey." I maintain my weight loss & wellness by mostly eating clean/lean, running, & prioritizing mental and spiritual health.

After discovering the new science about obesity and metabolic health, I couldn't go back to the old "calories in vs calories" approach to weight loss. So, my weight loss & wellness transformation also led to a career transformation from practicing primary care to becoming an integrative obesity specialist. Since 2015 I've been an active member of the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA). In 2016 I passed the American Board of Obesity Medicine**. 2022 I became a trustee on the Board of OMA and a fellow in OMA**.

In 2020 while working on the COVID-19 frontlines I launched Embrace You Weight & Wellness Telehealth, Coaching & Consulting which provides weight & wellness solutions. In 2021 "Embrace You: Your Guide to Transforming Weight Loss Misconceptions Into Lifelong Wellness." "Embrace You: Your Guide" is's "Best Weight Loss Book of 2022."


Education* is power, so I write and speak nationally. Our old "one size fits all" approach to weight loss & wellness has been harmful to Black women, women, and minorities. So I regularly address bias in healthcare, especially for the diseases of obesity and PCOS.

We are at a pivotal time in the science of obesity and metabolic health. I'm grateful to be a part of the change. Personalized tools are essential to help free each individual from the cycle of yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, and weight loss/regain through personalized metabolic tools and mindset breakthroughs.

*Dr. Sylvia is a proud graduate of Wesleyan College in Macon, GA the oldest college for women in the world and George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. In addition to her medical degree, at GW, she obtained special training in Medical Education Leadership. Dr. Sylvia completed her internal medicine residency at George Washington Hospital where she was elected "Intern of The Year" and "Chief Medical Resident."

**All views expressed are independent and do not represent any organization such as OMA or ABOM.

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