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Congratulations on choosing you!

Your Embrace You 90 Day Metabolism Boost & Mindset Breakthrough Journey is personalized based on your unique body, mind, & spirit weight gain triggers, so you lose weight & keep it off.

To get started on your journey to living lighter in body, mind, & spirit, enroll by using the links on this page.

We look forward to helping you Embrace You! 

-Dr. Sylvia & Embrace You Weight & Wellness

Embrace You: Choose Your Journey

Step One: Your Metabolism Boost & Mindset Breakthrough

This package starts off your official Embrace You Journey, whether you choose the Lite Journey or the Full Journey. It has all of your personal assessments, labs, and tools that you need to get started, including:

  • Your Weight Gain Trigger Analysis & Strategic Steps

  • Your Happy, Healthy Weight Analysis + Body Composition Scale

  • Truly You Metabolic Lab Testing & Review

  • Your Customized Metabolism Boost Tools Assessment

  • Your 1:1 Personalized Consultation

Total Value = $12,000.00

Your Cost = $1,500.00

Step Two: Choose Your Journey

After you have completed the first step of your Breakthrough Journey, you will be given a choice on how to continue with the program. You have two options, the Lite Journey and the Full Journey. Compare each Journey below. Please Note: Step Two is an additional cost of the program. Please add the initial cost of $1,500 to get the total amount.

Your 90 Day Metabolic Boost & Mindset Breakthrough Lite

Your 90 Day Metabolic Boost & Mindset Breakthrough Full

  • Your Metabolism Boosting Tool*

  • Private Online Support Community

  • One Recorded Check-In Visit

  • One Live Check-In Visit

  • Your Metabolism Boosting Tool*

  • Private Online Support Community

  • Three Live Check-In Visits

  • Biweekly Live Support Group & Coaching

  • Personalized Text Message Motivation

Retail Value = $1,000 per month

Your Price = $400 per month

for three payments


$1,000 for one payment

Retail Value = $3,500 per month

Your Price = $600 per month

for three payments


$1,500 for one payment

Embrace You Empowers You With

Clarity & Comprehensive Understanding of The Science of You.

Metabolism & Mindset Breakthrough Assessment*: 100% Improvement in clarity & comprehensive understanding of:

  • What triggers your weight gain beyond "calories in vs calories out"

  • Your body's unique Happy, Healthy Weight

  • Practical Food-Move-Mood-Medical strategies and metabolic tools to address your weight gain triggers so you can lose weight & maintain your Happy, Healthy Weight.

Healthy Weight Loss That Lasts*

Lite Journey: Goal to lose at least 10-15lbs and/or improvement in your lab tests.**

Full Journey: Goal to lose at least 20-25 lbs and/or improvement in your lab tests.**

Diet-Free Mindset & Optimal Wellness**:

Lite Journey: 50% improvement in wellness goal(s).

Full Journey: 75-100% improvement in wellness goal(s).

* If you follow maintenance strategies from your Embrace You Breakthrough Weight Trigger Analysis & Strategy. In the Embrace You Full Journey, you are empowered with tools to maintain your weight loss. 

*Based on updated obesity science and previous results. We diligently partner with you to get to your optimal results on your Embrace You Journey. But since everyone's life and metabolism are different scale results may vary. 

Program FAQ

Q: Does Embrace You Accept Insurance?

A: Embrace You Weight & Wellness does not accept insurance at this time.

HSA may be supported. A letter of medical necessity can be requested AFTER enrollment. While we have had 100% success with FSA/HSA approval, we cannot guarantee that your FSA/HSA request will be approved.

Q: What are my payment options?

A: We accept all Major Credit Cards, Stripe, and PayPal.

Q: Are the cost of medications included in the price?

A: Cost of Medications are not included in the price. Please note that a 3-month minimum enrollment is required for any prescribed medications.

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