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What Really Works For You?

No one knows you like you do.
Embrace You empowers you to:
Stop obsessing over the scale; 
Discover your unique weight gain triggers; &
Create your customized lifestyle strategy with

  • Nourishing foods you enjoy.

  • Movement you love to do. 

  • Less Stress Daily. 

  • Freedom to Live. 

How We Do It Differently? 

Tired of everyone telling you something different about how to lose weight?

Embrace You creates clarity  on your weight & wellness journey by unifying your 
Medical, Fitness, Mental Health, Spiritual, & Nutrition strategies in
One convenient wellness strategy with Your Embrace You Completely You Strategy (YCYS).

YCYS is a detailed overview of all your uncontrollable & controllable weight gain triggers in
12 domains in Body-Mind-Spirit with actionable steps to lose weight and create wellness that lasts. It's the foundation of Your 12 Week Breakthrough Embrace You Journey. 

Your Breakthrough Embrace You Journey is 12 weeks of Biweekly 1:1 coaching & Weekly Group Coaching. 

Meet Dr. Sylvia Bollie

Hi Beautiful!

I’m Dr. Sylvia, your Doctor Friend on your weight & wellness journey. Seven years ago my life changed when I realized everything I'd learned in medical school about weight loss was wrong. 

The "Calories in" vs "Calories Out" approach was keeping me stuck in a cycle of negative self-talk and feeling like a failure on my weight loss journey. 

Embracing self-love, self-compassion, and the science of obesity medicine freed me from the negativity of dieting & using other people as "goals". 

I learned the hard way so you don't have to.

On your Embrace You Journey we'll take the focus off what "they do" and prioritize what works for you.


Let's transform your weight loss journey into your lifetime wellness journey. 

Look forward to journeying with you! 


Dr. Sylvia 

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