About EmbraceYou


At Embrace YOU Weight & Wellness we customize your weight loss program by identifying your unique biological, psychological, and lifestyle contributors for your weight gain to create a strategy you can use for the rest of your life. We combine the highest level of evidence-based medicine with self-love and compassion to create a safe, positive environment as you lose weight and refine the tools needed for long-lasting weight loss.

Every body is different, so your weight loss strategy needs to be too.

Let's develop your personalized, "whole life", scientific plan for sustainable weight loss and wellness.  

What Makes Embrace YOU Different

With the Embrace YOU program, the focus on  you not the scale or a "diet program". 

Dr. Bollie helps you stop obsessing over the scale, discover your "real weight gain triggers" and get to your happy, healthy weight through your unique satisfying and sustainable weight strategy that fits into your life.

Through our proven approach develop a personalized, Body-Mind-Spirit, scientific weight loss strategy that you can use for the rest of your life.

Embrace YOU Weight & Wellness Features and Benefits

Your customized Embrace You Weight & Wellness Strategy is your solution to discover your breakthrough on your weight & wellness journey. 

Every person who completes your 12 week Embrace You Journey will have:

✅Clarity on what works for you
✅Confidence in how you look
✅Consistency in what you do
on your weight & wellness lifestyle

So that you can enjoy your life & embrace what works for you! 

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