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"Embrace You to Transforming" is NOT another weight loss book. It's YOUR guide to transform you.
Embrace You: 

Frees you from dieting to lose weight

Uncovers weight loss secrets to keep your weight off for good

Reveals your unique weight gain triggers

Empowers you with your personalized strategy to STOP obsessing over the scale & truly Embrace You

End Your Weight Loss Frustration!

Embrace You: Your Guide to Transforming Weight Loss Misconceptions into Lifelong Wellness is an Amazon Bestseller and the last weight loss book you will ever need! It was listed as one of The 8 Best Weight-Loss Books to Read in 2021 by

No more "scale games" or "diet gimmicks". You deserve your strategy to embrace you on your weight & wellness journey!

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What Clients Have to Say

"Dr. Bollie's approach is not a gimmicky 'lose weight fast' approach. She loves educating on misconceptions of weight loss."

- A.J. (Metro DC Area)

"I've learned about so much more than weight loss. I've learned how to prioritize myself, reduce stress & gain confidence."

- C.P. (Silver Spring, MD)

"I've been dieting & watching my weight all my life. I finally found an approach that frees me from the scale and helps me feel healthy & confident."

- K.D. (Charlotte, NC)

Meet Dr. Bollie

Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie, M.D. is a double board certified concierge physician, weight loss & body fat expert, speaker and bestselling author. Dr. Bollie personally and professionally connects with the challenges associated with weight loss and obesity.  She personally lost 60lbs of baby weight twice and has maintained her weight loss for over 7 years through her personalized, holistic, scientific weight loss strategy. Dr. Bollie has had over 10,000 patient encounters and helped hundreds of patients reach their weight goals through her down to earth, holistic personalized approach to scientific, sustainable weight loss.

In 2020, she launched the Embrace You Weight & Wellness Program to equip people who have struggled with their weight with her secrets to personalized, sustainable weight loss. Through Dr. Bollie's books, speaking and unique coaching program Embrace You Weight and Wellness she empowers you to stop obsessing over the scale, break up with yo-yo diets  and create your customize wellness based solution. Embrace You is NOT another weight loss program or weight loss book. It is your answer to lifelong wellness.

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