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Try Embrace You's proven Holiday No Weight-Gain strategy for a guilt-free holiday season!

This is a great, low-cost solution to help you enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty about your eating habits or weight gain during the holidays!

BONUS: Order your Holiday Strategy today and receive a complimentary live group coaching session with leading weight loss & wellness expert Dr. Sylvia Bollie. Our gift to you.


Enjoy The Holidays
Without Overeating

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Discover the secrets you need to enjoy the holidays & keep weight off.

Why you should try Your Holiday Wellness, No Weight Gain Strategy:

  • Celebrate More, Stress Less - Enjoy your holidays without feeling guilty over what you eat or dreading dieting during holiday events. Your Holiday Wellness, No Weight Gain Strategy will help you feel happier and healthier through the holidays so it's easier to stay on track with your goals and feel good about yourself in January.

  • Get Control - Step by step, we'll empower you to control holiday temptations to make navigating holiday treats and feasts easier so you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

  • Set Yourself Free - Enjoy the holidays without dieting or overindulging, without feeling like you're depriving yourself, without restriction - a life of celebration!

  • Free Live Coaching Session - Purchase our Holiday Wellness, No Weight Gain Strategy and receive a

  • FREE live group coaching session with Weight Loss Expert Dr. Sylvia Bollie on December 3rd  at 9:15AM EST. Our gift to you!

Indulgent, Enjoyable, Weight Gain-Free Holidays Are Within Your Reach


Is your current strategy:

  • "I'll wait until January to 'get healthy'."

  • "I'm on a diet, so I can't eat anything."

  • "I'll eat whatever I want and exercise a lot."

  • "I'll eat whatever I want and worry about it later."

Then your Holiday Wellness, No Weight Gain Strategy is your secret to indulging in delicious food, feeling good, and not worrying about weight gain.

So you start 2023 with a happier, healthier head start! 


"For eight years, I've been on my weight loss & wellness journey. I have a holiday strategy that helps my patients, clients, and me maintain our weight & wellness during the holidays."

- Dr. Sylvia Bollie, MD, DABOM, leading Integrative Obesity Physician & Wellness Mindset Expert

"The Holiday Strategy made it easy to see what was most important to me, so I don't waste calories on foods I don't like."

- Attendee, Holiday Strategy 2020 

"I've always struggled with overeating during the holidays, then crash dieting in January. The Holiday Strategy freed me from that cycle. THANK YOU!"

- Attendee, Holiday Strategy 2021


Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie, MD, DABOM is an award-winning physician with over ten years of clinical experience and a dual board-certified integrative, obesity specialist. Dr. Bollie founded Embrace You Weight & Wellness to address the disparities in personalized obesity care. However, Dr. Bollie is more than a doctor. She is a wellness coach who has maintained 60lb weight loss for eight years and is the bestselling author of "Embrace You: Your Guide to Transforming Weight Loss Misconceptions Into Lifelong Wellness."  "Embrace You: Your Guide" is's "Best Weight Loss Book of 2022."

When Dr. Sylvia isn't helping women prioritize themselves and optimize their wellness, she enjoys leveraging her expertise in culturally sensitive obesity care to work towards eliminating health disparities. Dr. Sylvia is a sought-after health consultant, program designer, and freelance writer. In addition, she and her husband, Rodney, enjoy giving back to their communities. In addition to being active in the PTA and local Chamber of Commerce, in 2017, Rodney and Dr. Sylvia founded the Institute of Basic Technology, Liberia's only non-profit STEM lab for high school students. The Bollie family resides in the DC Metro area and frequently escapes the DC hustle on the beautiful walking trails. 

If you'd like to learn more about Dr. Sylvia and Embrace You, check out the blog posts below!

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