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A Recap of Obesity Care Week 2024

Obesity Care Week 2024, spanning from March 4th to 8th, has been a monumental time for awareness, education, and advocacy. Embrace You is thrilled to have been a proud champion of this crucial event. This week represented a collective effort to address the stigma and challenges surrounding obesity, and we are grateful for everyone who joined us in making this the most impactful week yet.

World Obesity Day: The Catalyst for Change

The week commenced with World Obesity Day, setting the stage for a series of meaningful discussions and activities. This day reminded us of the urgent need to address the obesity crisis and served as a call to action to end the stigma and misconceptions associated with this chronic disease.

The theme was "Let's Talk About Obesity &... " Under the banner "Let's Talk About Obesity," we initiated dialogues that dove into the complexities of obesity. These conversations were not just about awareness; they were about understanding obesity as a chronic disease, influenced by biological factors and not merely personal choice.

Featured Piece: Obesity & Black Women

Our feature on obesity in black women delved beyond mere statistics to uncover deeper narratives and lived experiences. While it's commonly cited that "2/3 of Black women are overweight or have obesity," our discussion didn't stop there. We challenged the norm of relying solely on statistics and instead, shifted focus towards personalized solutions and empowerment. Through a blend of expert insights, personal stories, and research, we aimed to highlight the distinct challenges Black women face in the context of obesity. This article served as a powerful call to action, urging for more personalized, empathetic healthcare solutions and a broader awareness that moves beyond the numbers to truly empower Black women in their health journeys.

Exploring Weight Bias

The exploration of weight bias was also a pivotal part of our week. Through various expert analyses, we know the real-life implications of weight stigma. This includes its manifestation in healthcare, workplaces, and the media, emphasizing the need for a more empathetic and inclusive approach to weight.

The 5 Principles of Obesity

A significant focus of this year’s event was on promoting the 5 Principles of Obesity. We encouraged our supporters to pledge their agreement:

  1. Recognizing obesity as a chronic disease.

  2. Understanding its biological underpinnings.

  3. Acknowledging that health effects can start early.

  4. Accepting that obesity is treatable.

  5. Combating weight bias, stigma, and discrimination.

A Call to Action

Obesity Care Week 2024 has set a new benchmark in our journey towards change. But the effort does not end here. We urge everyone to continue the momentum by sharing content, participating in ongoing activities, and advocating for change. Together, we can create a world where obesity is understood and treated with the empathy and seriousness it deserves.

Get Involved

Join us in this mission. Learn more and get involved at Obesity Care Week is supported by over 130 health organizations in 90 countries, united in acknowledging the 5 Principles of Obesity and combating the stigma around this chronic disease. Let's stand together for a more understanding and inclusive future.


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