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E.M.B.R.A.C.E. Aging

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I’m officially a geriatric woman according to modern medicine. No seriously, older than 35 is considered Geriatric maternal age 😳🤣 It’s amazing how quickly the years go by. It seems like just yesterday I was 25 and thinking I was sooooo old 😝 However as I mature and work with women of all ages I realize that age is a mindset. For starters even though your body changes physically, psychologically you still “feel like yourself” whether your 50 or 95 years old. That’s part of why it’s so hard to comprehend the physical changes or how the world treats you as an “older” woman. However rather than fight the process I’ve chosen to embrace it. I’m excited to E.M.B.R.A.C.E.

all that Year 37 has for me.

Can I share with you?

My Year 37 E.M.B.R.A.C.E. 💜


I chose to believe that God has made me enough & given me enough. I release limiting beliefs and embrace my limitless potential.


I always say “Enjoy the present it’s your gift”

2020 has driven this home in a real way😳 Rather than rushing through life, I commit to enjoy the present by practicing #RadicalGratitude & continuing to take lots of pictures 31K and counting😉

Brave & Bold

36 was my year of courage. God streeeeetched me. I dealt with the loss of my Dad aka My Biggest Cheerleader, working with the most vulnerable population during two COVID19 outbreaks, moved & remodeled our “new” 102 yo home and started my own practicing @EmbraceYouMD while working “part-time” on the COVID19 frontlines. In Year 37 I continue to make brave and bold choices. Starting with this post😋

My definition of boldness is living life unapologetically and not hiding parts of me to please others. I release fear and intimidation. I embrace being courageous and confiden.


As a natural busybody I know how to work myself to my😳. I choose to create space for rest in my life. I’m learning that rest won’t just happen. I release busy work. I embrace purposeful rest.

Ask & accept help

I’m so grateful Mom & Daddy raised me to be strong & independent which has served me well.

Yet I’m learning that asking for help isn’t weakness. It takes great strength to be vulnerable to ask for help and accept it.

I release “it’s all up to me” and embrace “I’ll ask for help.”


The loss of my Dad in January rocked me to my core. Thank God for the family, friends and even strangers who loved & prayed me through that time and the rest of the year. As painful as the process is through it I learned so many lessons including how to reach out and tap into my wonderful community God as blessed me with. Every though some people I would have counted on and situations had to be removed this year I’m so grateful my community continues to grow. God has brought so many wonderful blessings into my life this year.


Year 36/ 2020 has taught me my energy is an invaluable resource. It is a light and life force that sustains me. For too long I shared my energy with negative people and circumstances that misused it. In year 37 I’ll cherish this community and also allow God to glean out the people and circumstances that leach unnecessary energy. Above all, I commit to being unapologetically positive and being my best me 💜

I release holding onto negative people and spaces. I embrace positive community and circinstances.

So happy birthday to me. I’m excited to see what this year will be 🤗

What are you choosing to embrace today? 🥰

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I hope you enjoyed your birthday.

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