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Embrace Emotional Release

When was the last time you had a moment of release? 

For me it was yesterday morning. 

Thanks to 37 degree weather I had the rare treat of a  Sunday run without my daughter in the jogging stroller screaming “More Baby Shark!” mid run  

Stroller-free I was feeling adventurous. I  ventured on a trail I’d never tried right beside the creek. With trees bare, the view of the rushing creek was breathtaking. 

Just where the creek widened the sun hitting the flowing water signaled me to stop mid run.  

When I paused

I felt  the warmth of the sun on my skin  breaking through the crisp cool wintery air. 

As I watched the water flow, tears I didn’t even know I’d been holding in trickled down my face;

Taking with them the concerns I’d been holding unto. 

Releasing me from the burden of being “strong” 

a wave of relief followed. 

I thanked God for my moment of release and finished my run feeling refreshed. Ready for the new week. 

There was a time when I feared emotions other than anger and joy. 

Sadness really scared me. I didn’t know if I’d be able to get up allowed myself to let go. 

 I would stuff my tears deep inside and pretend things didn’t bother me. Or worse lash out. However everything in 2020 has helped me:

Embrace my emotions- all of them. 

Make time and space for my emotions

Bravely ask for help 

Release &

Appreciate emotions as they come. 

Change people and circumstance that steal my joy

Enjoy the gift of the present 

We’ve all been carrying so much around this year. Whether or not we are aware it. Please make sure you: embrace your emotions, pause and release. 

When was the last time you embraced a moment of release? 

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