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Embrace Getting Back on Track

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Did you overeat on Thanksgiving despite your best intentions?

Are you still eating your decedent Thanksgiving leftovers?

😳You may be feeling defeated or wondering what's the point of even trying to focus on your weight and wellness journey during the holiday season.

You may think,

"Just way too many temptations during this time of year."

"I can just wait till the New Year and get back on track."

Unfortunately, it's not that easy. If you wait till the New Year to focus on your weight and wellness, you're at risk of gaining 1 to 5 lbs during the holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Years). What's more, despite most people planning to lose weight in January most don't and the weight sticks around through the entire year. Over time, these extra pounds can lead to obesity and weight-related conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

Fortunately, this doesn't have to happen to you. You may be afraid even to attempt focusing on your weight during this time because

"It's too stressful."

"I won't be able to enjoy the season the way I want to"

I hear you. After how crazy 2020 has been, I want you to enjoy the holidays. We all deserve to. My only concern is that indulgent food/beverages doesn't have to be our only form of enjoyment, especially as we look to a better 2021.

As an "emotional eater in recovery" with a sweet tooth I know first hand how challenging this season can be. But what if I told you for the past 6 years I've been able to maintain my weight during the holidays and even lose weight too without major dieting.

If you'd like to know how I did it, keep reading. I'm going to share my Holiday Winning Weight Loss Strategy with you.


  1. List all your holiday food related events. Include events such as "annual cookie baking, grandma's pie. etc"

  2. Choose the 3 most significant events to be your "Indulgence Events"

  3. Use the following steps to prepare for your Indulgence Events

  4. On non indulgence days follow your healthy weight and wellness plan.

Before Event

Eat your regular meals

o Even if you reduce your intake a little in preparation for indulging at the event, do not skip meals. If you are extremely hungry during the event you are more likely to overeat than if you have eaten throughout the day,

Drink enough water

o 1oz/ kg is recommended if you don't have medical conditions

Exercise the day of the event

o This helps expend extra energy (calories) and helps you feel healthier. However, remember it’s very easy to eat more energy than you used exercising. For example, depending on your pace, a 1mile walk only burns 80-100 kCal but a slice of chocolate cake is about 300-400 kCal depending on the type and slice.

Reflect & plan. Ask yourself

o What do I want to celebrate during this event?

o Is food essential to this event?

o If faced with multiple days of celebration ask:

- Which food related celebration is most significant to me?

- Is there are way to make the other events/ celebrations less focused on food?

o For restaurants review the menu before hand and plan your meal.

o Decide on your indulgence category:

-Savory (starchy carbs; high fat meal),

- Sweets (sweet carbs; sugary treats including soda)

- Spirits (alcohol)

Only choose one area of indulge and limit your intake of the rest. For

instance if you are planning on dessert have a light entrée with no alcohol and water for your beverage.

During the event

Focus on friends/family not food

o Be present when you talk to someone. Focus on the gift of enjoying each other’s company rather than the food. Again remember why you are gathering.

o If at a cocktail party or other event that involves food and standing. Do NOT eat while standing and talking. When you decide to find somewhere to sit and sit before eating. This will allow you to eat more mindfully.

Avoid grazing

o Think before you eat. If there is a buffet: look at everything on the buffet, decide what are the top 4 items you want from the buffet and then make your plate. As you make your plate pay attention to your portion side.

Water or unsweetened tea only, unless you have determined alcohol or soda will be your indulgence

Portion control plate

Avoid second servings; Aim for one plate only

After the event

If you chose to indulge at the event, let your indulgence stop after the event. The next day resume healthy eating & fitness

If you had an unexpected indulgence or ate more than you planned IT’S OKAY! Let it go and try to get back on track- NOW!

If you have leftovers, let them go. Choose to either:

o Give away the leftovers

o Toss the excess food

o Reduce large leftover portions into individual portions and freeze them. See for recommended serving sizes.

Okay, take a deep breath. You can do this! It's better to try rather than wait. Even a small attempt is better than none.

You are worth it.

Release procrastination.

Embrace Getting back on track today 💜


Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie (aka Dr. Bollie), a board certified Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine physician who helps women stop obsessing over the scale, feel great and get to their happy healthy weight through a holistic, scientific sustainable weight loss approach through Embrace You Weight & Wellness, her practice and coaching program.

For more support on your weight and wellness journey join our Facebook Group Embrace You to Lasting Weight Loss.

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