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Embrace Loving Your Body Part I

Ultimate Gift Guide recently published Dr. Bollie' s "Top 10 Ways to Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Body". At Embrace You we truly believe it is important to understand the truth about how the body regulates body weight to develop a healthy relationship with your body. So much of what diet-culture and the weight loss industry has taught us about how to lose weight is unhelpful and down right unhealthy. In order to truly be healthy it calls for releasing the misinformation.

It's National Minority Health Month so this list also addresses some of the misconceptions that directly impact Black women.

Take a look at the list and leave your comments below.

"Top 10 Ways to Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Body"

  1. It’s not your fault. Body weight regulation is more complicated that “calories in” vs “calories” out. Actually weight regulation is based on “energy intake” vs “energy expenditure.” A wide range of factors-genetic, hormonal, mental, social, and environmental- help determine your weight beyond just food and exercise.

  2. Be aware of cultural bias when being screened for obesity. Your target “healthy weight” may be incorrect if your doctor or healthcare clinician didn’t adjust your non-obesity cut off level based on your age, race/ ethnicity and sex.

  3. Black women, in general, have more lean muscle mass compared to Caucasian women which can lead to an incorrect diagnosis of obesity prematurely in Black women. This is why the BMI, Body Mass Index, standard which is used to determine when you classify as having obesity (excess body fat), needs to be adjusted based on race & ethnicity.

  4. Your body favors its highest weight and tries to stay at that weight.

  5. Each time you lose weight and regain it makes it harder to lose it the next time.

  6. Rapid weight loss, i.e. more than 8lbs/ month, slows your metabolism and can lead to rebound weight loss.

  7. People who lose weight in a supportive environment tend to keep their weight off longer than 1 year.

  8. The best “diet” is a well balanced eating plan filled with nutrient rich foods that you can stick to long term.

  9. Sleeping less than 7hrs or more than 9hrs is associated with developing obesity.

  10. High stress levels for more than a week are associated with weight gain and obesity.

What are your thoughts on these facts? We'd love to hear! share your thoughts in the comments below.

Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie (aka Dr. Bollie), a board certified Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine physician who empowers women to stop obsessing over the scale to transform their weight & wellness through self-love & personalized science with a holistic, scientific sustainable weight loss approach through Embrace You Weight & Wellness, her practice and coaching program. If you are really ready for transformation schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Bollie.

For more support on your weight and wellness journey join our Facebook Group Embrace You to Lasting Weight Loss.

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