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Embrace Small Changes

Did you know small changes can have a big impact on your wellness journey?

When I started my weight & wellness journey I sabotaged my efforts by focusing on big changes that were difficult to fit into my lifestyle.

I’ve learned breaking down my goals into small manageable changes really helps.

For instance

Instead of

”Avoid all unhealthy food” “add a vegetable to every meal”

”Exercise 30mins every day””Add at least movement to my day. Goal 150min a week”

”Don’t stress out” “Incorporate short ‘stress breaks’ in my day”

”Drink a lot of water” “Finish my water bottle by 3pm”

This week aim to make a small change each day, Over time it adds up. Here’s a schedule you can try:

Day 1 Embrace more veggies

Many people feel they have to “go vegan” but studies have shown increasing your plant based intake by 50% can improve your health.

There are many practical ways to do this such as

Make one of your meals plant based. For me breakfast is the easiest

Switch to a plant based milk

Add extra veggies to your plate

Your Small Change:

“I’m going vegan for a week” “I’ll add a vegetable to every meal”

What small change* are you going to make today to improve your plant based intake?

Day 2 Embrace Water

Drinking adequate water is essential for lasting weight loss and wellness. Your individual body needs varies based on your medical history but in general most people need 1oz/ kg.

Check with your personal health care clinician (PCP) if you have any medical conditions.

Your Small Change:

”Drink a lot of water” “Finish my water bottle by 3pm”

Have you used small changes have you used to increase you water intake?

Day 3 Embrace Movement Daily

Have you felt disappointed by not reaching your exercise goal for the day. I used to set unrealistic daily exercise duration only to feel defeated when I didn’t get to exercise due to my busy schedule. This changed when I started setting a small daily goal that I could complete. At the end of the day I felt accomplished and it made me want to continue on my movement journey,

By doing what I can daily, it adds up &

I reach my weekly goal.

It also keeps me in momentum

There are so many 1 minute movements you can do!

-Jumping Jacks



-Jog in place

-Walk up and down the stairs

-Walk around the room

Your Small Change:

”Exercise 30mins every day”

”Add at least minute movement to my day with a weekly goal of 150 minutes.

Day 4 Embrace You

When I started my weight and wellness journey I was so negative. All I could see is what I needed to change.One day my friend Kriss said "Be nice to Sylvia." That was the spark I needed to transform my journey from negative to positive.

Our weight & wellness journey becomes effective and enjoyable when we shift our focus on from what we don’t like about ourselves to appreciating the positive aspects.

Your Small Change:

Stop dwelling on "I don't like my...."

Write compliment to yourself daily in a beautiful journal

When was the last time you gave yourself a compliment?

Day 5 Embrace a Less Sugar Lifestyle

My dad rarely allowed us to eat candy/ sugar growing up. So when I went to college I ate A LOT of candy. When my dad came to my dorm room and saw my candy box you would have thought he found weed. He was so concerned, "You're eating candy like this now?!" All jokes aside added sugar is everywhere, not just candy. Eating excess added sugar (>1 tsp/ day) has been associated with weight gain and increased health risks. A great small change to make is to try to gradually eliminate added sugar from your daily nourishment.

What are sources of added sugar?




alcoholic drinks

baked goods

Condiments like ketchup and sauces

Salad dressing

See this useful guide from Harvard Nutrition Source on Added Sugar:

Your Small Change:

No sugar starting NOW

Let go of one source of added sugar per week till you eat

<10g/ added sugar a day.

What's one surprising source of added sugar you've let go of? Share below

Day 6: Embrace Choice

Feeling forced to do something or stuck in a situation saps our hope and can leave us feeling powerless.

Recognize you have a choice.

Everything you do is a choice.

Today empower yourself by saying "I choose to..."

Your Small Change:

"I have to...." to

"I choose to...."

I know from personal and professional experience that small change are powerful due to their cumulative effect over time.

Start today making small changes.

Do keep in touch. Join the Embrace You to Lasting Weight Loss Facebook Group where we encourage each other on our weight and wellness journey in a personal, practical and positive community.

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