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Obesity Care Week 2022 is Here!

Embrace You Weight & Wellness is proud to be an Obesity Care Week 2022 Champion. Now is the time to act! Obesity Care Week 2022 (OCW2022) kicks off today and we need your support to make an impact. Unlike most other diseases, obesity is one that continues to be stigmatized and those impacted struggle to receive any care in many cases, let alone adequate care. It’s time to change the way we care for obesity, and OCW2022 provides us the opportunityto demand change. Sign up now for OCW alerts to receive the latest news, information, and resources that will be rolled out this week, and to take action in support of this important issue!

This week is all about changing the way we care about the five core issue areas that negatively impact people with obesity:

1. Recognition – despite being officially recognized as a disease by the American Medical Association in 2013, misperceptions – not science – continue to shape how people are treated both medically and generally within society. Now is the time to act by listening to science and ending the stigma!

2. Weight Bias – did you know that only one U.S. state makes it illegal to discriminate based on weight? Instances of bias are those daily large and small instances of discrimination that negatively impacts both health and quality of life for people with obesity. Now is the time to act by stopping weight bias!

3. Access to Care – most diseases and illnesses have numerous options for treatment, yet obesity care remains piecemeal and fractured, and is often dependent on your zip code or employer’s health plan. Now is the time to act by breaking down the barriers to obesity care!

4. Science-Based Treatments – we have all seen the ads forsnake oil treatments boasting that you will lose 50 poundsin a month. Successful obesity and weight management requires a combination of science-based treatment options and comprehensive continuums of care. Now is the time to act by demanding robust, science-based health support systems and treatments!

5. Prevention – “eat less and move more” is not the magic treatment or cure for obesity. As a society, we must continue to grow our understanding of obesity to develop and make accessible science-based prevention programs that are proven to measurably improve health. Now is the time to act by demanding expanded, proven, and widely accessible prevention programs!

The change required to adequately and appropriately treat obesity can only happen with your help. You can make a difference during OCW2022 by sharing content on social media, participating in this week’s activities, and taking action to call for change! The time to act is now. Visit to learn more and get involved!

About Obesity Care Week

Obesity Care Week is an annual public awareness event supported by over 100 health organizations and leaders in 80 countries around the world. OCW2022 Champions and Partners stand together to acknowledge obesity as a complex, chronic, recurring disease. Despite extensive research and studies, stigma and misperceptions continue to negatively shape the way people with obesity are treated medically and generally within society.OCW2022 will elevate the discussion on five key issue areas related to obesity: recognition as a disease; combatting weight bias and stigma; expanding access to care; treating obesity with science-based treatments; and expanding proven prevention programs. To learn more about Obesity Care Week and sign up for alerts visit

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