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Diet Soda Doesn’t Help You

Trying to cut down on sugar or completely kick your sugar habit in 2022? Well add diet sodas to that list also.

Diet soda has been shown to increase your sugar cravings & even lead to weight gain.

Choose to:

👋🏾Release drinking diet soda

💜Embrace low sugar beverages or water

It can be hard to release soda or sweet drinks like juice. I know firsthand. I used to drink soda or sweetened beverages almost every day. To cut my sugary drink habit I used this Body-Mind-Spirit approach:


Your taste buds & your brain need time to adjust to less sweet tastes. That’s partially why going from soda to water is so hard.

Taper off your sweet drinks gradually. Rather than completely stopping sweet drinks all at once. Here‘s two taper examples:

Taper One

- Each day reduce the number of sweet drinks your drinking by one drink. -When you get to one drink a day, go to every other day, then every two days, until you are rarely drinking sweet drinks. Slow the taper down if you need more time.

Taper Two (Substitution Method)*

-Substitute sparkling water mixed with 1/2 cup juice for your daily soda/ sweet drink. -Each day decrease the amount of juice until you only have sparkling water.

*This is the method I personally used. It’s been 8 years since I cut my soda intake. Now I only drink soda on special occasions.

I’ve also used both of these methods to help my patients & clients through the years.


It‘s important to ask yourself

“Why do I like drinking diet soda or sweetened drinks?”

Possible Reasons A lot of our habits start in childhood.

The connection may not be as clear as you think. Through the years, I’ve found that both drinking too many sweetened drinks in childhood and being deprived of sweetened drinks as a child can lead to a sweetened drink habit in adulthood.

Or maybe you have a false belief “This soda gives me more energy.”

Ask yourself if this is really true.Pay attention to how you feel before, during, and after drinking the sweetened drink.


“What‘s spiritual wellness gotta do with diet soda?” You ask. No there’s no scientific study on the spiritual connection between drinking diet soda. And honestly you don’t need one.

Your spiritual wellness is your personal journey.

Ask yourself, “How am I nourishing my soul?” Often when your soul is undernourished you’ll reach for “easy” fillers like food or diet soda.

I had a client who drank lots of diet soda at work but rarely drank it at home unless she was working from home. She also didn‘t drink diet soda when she was on vacation. Sure, psychological she had developed a learned association between work & diet soda (habit). But working together we discovered spiritually she was unfulfilled in her current career. We created a strategy for her to find greater occupational & spiritual fulfillment. Tuning into her spiritual needs helped her release her diet soda habit & the extra “weight” it was causing.

If your struggling to release sweetened drinks I truly believe 2022 is going to be your year of breakthrough.

Choose to:

👋🏾Release drinking diet soda

💜Embrace low sugar beverages or water one change at a time.

If you are a perfectionist ready to embrace your imperfections to live life at your best weight & wellness. Set up your complimentary consultation for Your 12 Week Embrace You Breakthrough Journey today. Hurry only 3 slots left for this semester which start 1/29/2022. Use the contact us page to send an email if no slots are available.

Above all in whatever you do, “Always Embrace You” 💜


For more information on what happens when you drink diet soda, check out Eat This, Not That article I contributed to.

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