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Embrace Your Own Race: Running Towards Wellness and Joy

Let's dive into the world of fitness, self-discovery, and the art of running your own race. I've got a story to share—marathon aspirations, bumps in the road, and the sweet realization that it's high time to embrace our individual paths.

Body: Embracing the Evolving You

So, picture this: I'm on a quest for the "Far and Fast" Marathon, dreaming of conquering the Boston Marathon for my 40th birthday. Life, however, had other plans—cue an injury mid-training, waving a flag that said, "No full marathon for you this year." Quick shift to the half marathon, and let's chat about the beautiful changes our bodies undergo.

In my wellness journey, I once proudly declared the accomplishment of shedding 30+ pounds and maintaining that success for over 6 years. However, as we approach the big 4-0 and beyond, hormones decide to throw their own party, leading to some noticeable shifts. Despite living my best Embrace You life, filled with nourishing food, movement, and less stress, I unexpectedly found myself at my heaviest weight since starting this 8-year journey. Adhering to the principle of "living as you tell others to live," I made a conscious choice to bid farewell to the scale. Instead, I shifted my focus to listening to my body and appreciating what it asks for in this season. Let's attune to our bodies—it's about nourishing ourselves, regular movement, and releasing the disappointment of a number on the scale or not “running” at the pace we think we should. Bodies evolve, races evolve, and that's absolutely fine. #EmbraceYou

Mind: Rewrite the Narrative

Marathon dreams often come with a side of Imposter Syndrome. Ever felt the need to prove yourself? Yep, been there. Initially eyeing Boston, not just for the love of running, but as a validation. Halfway into training, reality slapped me—my mindset needed a makeover.

Running your own race means trusting your journey. Bid farewell to comparisons and self-doubt. Mid-training, the marathon transformed into a half, and so did my mental game. Goals can adapt. Let go of self-critique, set achievable goals, and relish the journey. It's not about proving; it's about savoring the process.

Spirit: Infuse Grace and Self-Love

Now, let's infuse a touch of spirituality into our fitness voyage. God never wastes any experience (Romans 8:28). Injuries redirected me, signaling it's time to embrace grace. No more self-flagellation for not reaching a predetermined finish line. It's about finding joy in each step and wholeheartedly loving the woman you've become.

Self-love is the secret sauce. Forget external standards; focus on what your body and soul crave. The full marathon dream might've taken a detour, but the journey of self-love is stronger than ever.

In essence, running your own race is like crafting a masterpiece. Embrace the shifts in your body, discard the baggage of self-critique, and infuse your journey with grace and self-love. Trust your instincts, set goals that resonate with your path, and celebrate every triumph, big or small. Your fitness journey is uniquely yours—embrace it, cherish it, and savor every step! 🌟🏃‍♀️

Embrace Your Unique Race

In the tapestry of my life, the threads of my fitness journey have woven a story of transformation over 8+ years, covering more than 5900 miles and various races, including a full marathon. However, the true turning point wasn't marked by my fastest or farthest race; it unfolded at the Richmond Half-Marathon finish line on November 11, 2023. At that moment, it became evident that the measure of success extends beyond personal records. It was, without a doubt, my happiest and healthiest race. Surrounded by the cheers of my closest family and loved ones, I was reminded that love is the best validation—both the self-love that fuels our journey and the love of those who cherish us.

As you navigate your own path, I extend a heartfelt prayer that you, too, experience the continuous reminder to embrace your unique race. May every step bring you closer to self-love, fulfillment, and the joy found in the love of those who walk beside you. Your journey is distinctly yours—cherish it, celebrate it, and relish in the beauty of running your own race.

In whatever you do, Always Embrace You

Dr. Sylvia


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