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Embrace Your Vacation Recovery Reset

Have you ever returned from vacation glad that you got away but filled with regrets over what you ate or didn’t do?

I’ve totally been there. In the past, I would return from vacation feeling happy about the time I spent with my family and loved ones but disappointed with the food choices I made or not exercising.

I just returned from two weeks of vacation and family visitation. I had a delicious time. I nourished myself with quality time with myself, my family, friends, and, yes, amazing home-cooked food. I implemented most of my Embrace You Vacation & Celebration Strategy, especially during the first week of vacation. Still, family visitation and nostalgia made sticking to my plan rigorously more challenging. Fortunately, perfection isn’t required for progress.

I’ve learned that rather than feeling bad about what I wish I hadn’t done, it’s essential to appreciate the time I had with loved ones and get back on track with my weight and wellness plan.

I’ve learned that while vacations can throw us off of our weight and wellness plan (even with the best intentions), a temporary setback doesn’t have to sabotage our progress completely. The most important thing to do now is to get back on track, so temporary indulgences don’t become a pattern of unhealthy/unhelpful decisions.

I plan to do a 5 Day Wellness Reset. Not as a “diet” but more to cleanse my mind and body in a way that’s helpful with getting back to my best wellness. This is how I plan to get back on track, and if you need a boost on your wellness plan, I encourage you to join me.

Here are the steps to recovery after extended indulgence.

Examine: Reflect on what happened during your vacation. Is there anything you learned? Things you can do differently next time to prevent overindulging?

Mindset: “I’m not on a diet. I enjoy treating my body well and making choices that support my wellness.”

Break up with indulgences for a while: You had your fun. You may need some time apart as you reset. Remember, you can have it, but you choose not to right now.

Reflect on your previous wellness plan: Resume your wellness plan if it’s working for you. If it’s not working for you, review what needs to be changed to work better for you.

Accountability: Ask for help on your journey. Get accountability. For me, our Embrace You Community is holding me accountable to get back on track.

Eating: Choose foods that make you feel good not just when you eat but after also.

Ease into your return: Again, to prevent the “diet mindset,” make changes at a pace that’s comfortable to you.

Embrace You 5 Day Recovery Reset Plan

If you’d like to be a part of the 5 Day Wellness Reset or just connect with more support on your weight and wellness journey, join the Embrace You to Lasting Wellness and Weight Facebook group.

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