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Indulge Your Holiday Food Cravings Without Overeating

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season, you may feel anxious about how much you'll eat and how much you'll weigh once the holiday season wraps up. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, your favorite foods always seem to find their way into your stomach this time of year. Some of those delightful foods sometimes disagree with your weight-loss goals. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Recently I wrote, Staving Off Holiday Weight Gain for Medscape (link in article "Resources" section). I shared Three Ms to help you prevent holiday weight gain: Mindset, Mindfulness, & Meal Strategy. On the Overcoming Obesity Club, we also discussed two more Ms: Movement & Making Time for You (recording in "Resources"). In this article, I'll share more tips to help you enjoy your favorite holiday foods without worrying or gaining weight.

Avoid processed foods most days.

It's hard to avoid eating processed foods during the holiday season, but it's possible. Eating clean can keep you feeling lighter during the holiday season. While holiday gatherings may tempt you to indulge in too much, try making healthier dishes for yourself and your family on the days between your events. I love sipping on Shaklee's soy-free LifeShake or eating a snack bar. Shaklee's products are ultra-clean and delicious (learn more about resources). This way, you'll enjoy your time with them and feel lighter after the holidays.

Balance your meals with veggies & protein.

The holidays tend to be a time for indulging in food or drink. Think of Buddy in the movie Elf pouring syrup on everything. While this is extreme, holiday treats are often heavy on starches and sweets. While this is extreme, if you're trying to maintain your weight or wellness, try to balance your meals with vegetables and proteins. Remember that it is essential to add veggies and protein. Avoid eating too many of the same type of food (i.e., avoid the temptation of eating only cookies), especially those high in calories and sugar, like candy bars and cake.

Get active now. Release "I'll Wait Till January"

The cold temperatures and busy schedules tempt people to push working out until January. But it's always helpful to get an early start on being active! December is a fantastic time to gift yourself a new fitness routine that will last you through the holiday season and beyond. Even if you do one minute of physical activity or "movement" daily, it's better than zero minutes of exercise.

Remember your water.

Staying hydrated is important all year round. But it's easy to forget hydration during the cold months. Thirst can be mistaken for hunger, making you more vulnerable to overindulging and overeating. Make sure you stay well hydrated by keeping a water bottle with you. Add mint leaves or frozen berries to make your water tastier and more festive. Most people should aim to drink half their body weight in ounces of water per day. For example, if you weigh 200lbs, that would be 100oz/ day.

Give yourself permission to indulge.

Deprivation isn't helpful. And while it's tempting to set a goal weight and take a hard line on weight gain, it's not realistic either. Fighting our cravings also raises our stress levels. When stressed or under pressure (like during the holidays), our bodies hold onto fat more quickly than when we feel good. So instead of making too rigid rules, plan

on indulging in a way that helps you feel great all around.

Enjoy in moderation

Food is fuel. It's also part of our connection with others. So it's okay to enjoy! But it's not okay to overeat and gain a bunch of weight. Here are some tips for enjoying your favorite holiday foods without guilt or worry:

*Do one thing at a time. Choose to either talk or eat.

*Eat slowly and mindfully, enjoying every bite. That way, you can really taste the flavors. Appreciate how everything tastes together, and avoid overeating because you're distracted.

Your Winning Holiday Strategy

Do you have your food freedom plan for the holiday? Or are you bouncing between "I can't eat that." vs "Forget it. I'll get on track in January." You can enjoy your holiday without being

on either extreme. You need an easy, enjoyable plan. For eight years, I've been on my weight loss & wellness journey. I have a holiday strategy that helps my patients, clients, and me maintain our weight & wellness during the holidays. And now this proven plan is available to you so you can:

Treat Yourself - Create your Customized Strategy to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain while indulging in Sweets and More without the Guilt.

Get Rid of the Guilt-Order Your Holiday No Weight Gain Strategy Today. This low-cost, high-value solution is PROVEN to help you enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty about your eating habits or weight gain during the holidays!

Find Support with Others - Once you order Your Holiday Strategy eBook, you'll receive a complimentary live group coaching session* with leading weight loss and wellness expert Dr. Sylvia Bollie (*Limited time offer, expires 12/11/22 at 12AM EST)


*Integrity: I am a Shaklee ambassador. But I won't put my name behind anything I don't believe is healthy and whole. Shaklee is a pioneer in the wellness industry. Dr. Shaklee started it in 1956 it has a long track record of excellence. And the company continues to lead in wellness innovation. Check it out. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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