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Release Insecurity & Imposter Syndrome to Embrace You

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

My Sunday run has become an essential part of my wellness routine.

For me it’s more than just physical activity. Running, especially in nature, gives me time to replenish my mental and spiritual wellness. It’s a great time to think about life lessons I’m learning, particularly uncomfortable lessons. Specifically like overcoming insecurity or what some may call “Imposter Syndrome.” Imposter Syndrome (IS) has many definitions but what resonates most with my version of IS is not feeling as if my accomplishments are adequate despite high levels of outward success. So instead of sharing my professional & some personal experiences so I can help others on their journey I overthink my “shortcomings” and underestimate the value I offer.

As I reflect, if I'm honest most of my professional insecurity was stemming from holding tightly to career plans that I made when I started my journey in medical school. Then I aspired to be an academic physician that did research and developed life-saving treatments. In addition to my medical degree I also graduated with a certificate in Medical Education Leadership from George Washington University School of Medicine. I later went on to be Chief Medical Resident as part of the George Washington University Hospital. I was on my way to my dream career in academics or so I thought.

I had my son just before my chief residency year started. His birth was the start of my awakening that maybe what I’d planned in the youth of my career wasn’t in alignment with my overall wellness goals or best for our family's needs. First of all financially I couldn’t afford to stay an academic. I had 6 figure loans that I needed (need) to repay. So I took a job in a more affordable city, in a non academic setting. That was a pivotal experience in my career development. I had >12000 patient encounters, went on my own 60-lb weight loss & wellness journey and became board certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. It was actually during this time I fell in love with running. It was also during this time I had another inclination that my career path was shifting. My personal and professional experience during those years laid the foundation of what would become Embrace You Weight & Wellness. After years of daydreaming, self-doubt and perfectionistic procrastination I finally launched Embrace You Weight and Wellness in 2020 while also working on the COVID-19 frontlines.

Embrace You Weight and Wellness is the strategic, wellness based approach to weight loss and weight maintenance that combines your life story with personalized science for lifelong wellness. As Embrace You grew I realized I had to release my insecurity and Imposter Syndrome because it was becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. I know from past experience Imposter Syndrome leads me down a road of self-sabotage in the form of perfectionism and procrastination. Cultivating a healthy mindset has been essential to my entrepreneurship journey and my wellness coaching style so I had to get to the source of these limiting feelings.

I realized a lot of my insecurity stemmed from feeling like I’d disappointed myself by not being the academic physician I’d envisioned myself. I needed to release my disappointment and my attachment to my former vision of myself. Once I released my outdated vision I could embrace the truth that I am accomplishing what my mission has always been to connect with people and serve in a way that leads to life-saving empowerment and meaningful transformation. Although the Embrace You Weight & Wellness system wasn’t developed in an academic laboratory or rigorous randomized controlled trial, it was developed in a much more relevant setting- our lives. Not just mine but the thousands of patients I've worked with in my career thus far and the three Embrace You groups I coached to optimal wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since launching Embrace You Weight & Wellness in August 2020, I’ve spoken to thousands of women via social media, live conferences, and worked closely with over 30 Incredible Embracers on their Embrace You journey. It is even more apparent that many of us struggle with insecurity and Imposter Syndrome. Insecurity and Imposter Syndrome weighs us down. Not only does it hold us back from showing up as our best selves so we can help & inspire others; it prevents us from taking actions needed for weight loss and optimal wellness.

I’ve learned personally and professionally, once you acknowledge insecurity and Imposter syndrome the next step is to take action. Start by talking to someone you trust about how you’re feeling. For me, that’s God, family, true friends and welcoming community groups. You may need additional support- adding a professional coach and a therapist to my team- have been a catalyst for helping overcome insecurity and Imposter Syndrome.

As I emerge from the fog of insecurity and the limiting narratives I created in my mind I’m recognizing that not only am I enough. I always have been. Furthermore as a Believer I have God’s Divine power in me and guiding me. This gives me limitless purpose and power. Especially as I help others on your Embrace You journey.

Now it’s your turn are you ready to release insecurity and Imposter Syndrome to Embrace You. How are you going to Embrace You?


Are you are ready to release obsessing over the scale, insecurity and self-sabotage to embrace freedom and confidence on your weight and wellness journey? Take the free Embrace You Clarity Quiz to connect with tools to help you live diet-free, health, & happy.

For information on Dr. Sylvia Bollie’s upcoming book “Embrace You: Your Guide to Transforming Weight Loss Misconceptions Into Lasting Wellness” see

Useful Insecurity/ Imposter Syndrome Resources

Thank you to my alma mater George Washington University School of Medicine for sharing my career story


“Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome by Ruchika Tulshyan and Jodi-Ann Burey


“Rising Strong” Brene Brown

“Braving the Wilderness” Brene Brown

“More than Enough” Elaine Weltroth

Spiritual Resources

Psalm 139

Insecurity: The Lies and the Truth of It. (YouVersion App)

“When God Says ‘Go”” Elizabeth Laing Thompson

“More than Pretty” Erica Campbell

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