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3 Ways to Make It Last Past January: Part II

January 2022 was really eye opening. It showed me the things in my body, mind, and spirit that need to be shifted in 2022. While I was on the Daniel Fast, I found myself asking, “Why can’t I just stick to eating & living mindfully this way forever?”

Almost immediately when I asked that question, I started thinking about all the foods I like that I can’t eat. Or even worse, giving up coffee. I love coffee. It’s my thing and I’m sticking to it.

I heard God say,

  • “Release “Why Can’t Stick to This?” and

  • “Embrace “What will I continue?”

What will I continue?

Asking “What will I do?” gives you freedom to choose what works for you. Rather than sabotaging yourself by focusing on what’s “too hard” by asking “Why can’t I stick to this?”

So do this practically?

Start by asking yourself these 3 questions:

  • What did I miss the most?

  • What did I like?

  • What actions will I continue?

  • BONUS: Believers ask, “Am I allowing God to lead me on my body-mind-spirit wellness journey?”

My Answers

When I asked myself these questions about my 2022 Daniel Fast, my answers were:

  • What did I miss the most? Coffee & chicken!!!

Coffee - Drinking coffee in the morning has become a ritual for me. Drinking other hot drinks on the fast I realized I also like the taste and miss it. So it is definitely coming back.

Chicken - I’m not ashamed to admit I love chicken. I’ve tried for many years to be completely plant based. Chicken always calls me back. For now it’s here to stay. I just try to eat at least 50% plant based. I also limit deep fried chicken. I’ve eaten enough of this in my lifetime.

  • What did I like? I liked how light I felt. Not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Physically I didn’t feel weighed down by heavy foods. I also feel more in control by not “tasting” here and there. Since it was a spiritual fast I also deepened by spiritual and emotional relationship with God.

  • What actions will I continue?

    • I will continue to limit sugar and sweeteners.

    • Limit tasting & eat mindfully by only eating from a plate. This is a practical way to remind me not to taste as I go.

    • Slow down and eat prayerfully at least 2 meals a day.

    • Increase my plant based intake to 75% by adding more satisfying and delicious meatless meals like those in the Embrace Your Meal Plan Solution Guide.

  • BONUS: Believers ask, “Am I allowing God to lead me on my body-mind-spirit wellness journey?” Yes. The word God gave me during 2022 Daniel Fast was “Integration.” So I welcome God into every aspect of my life, especially my body-mind-spirit wellness journey. Since Jesus promises His yoke is “light & easy”, integration helps take the burden off me ( Matt 11:28-30).

Now that you’re clear on what you will continue, let's discuss:

3 Ways to Make It Last Past January

  1. Focus on one choice at a time. When you’re feeling less motivated, overthinking will only make you less motivated. When you start thinking about what you’re going to do for the rest of your life or even for the rest of the week, bring yourself back to the present.

  2. Embrace inconsistency as part of creating consistency- Consistency doesn’t have to be 100% to be effective. If you fall off today, make the next choice better. Perfection isn’t required for your progress.

  3. Solve your inconsistent meal planning. When you’re making food changes, meal planning is a game changer to create lasting wellness. But most people don’t know how to personalize your meal plan strategy to make it work for you. That’s because usually you try to create your meal plan based on someone's recommendations without considering what you need for your lifestyle. I’ve been there before. When I started my Embrace You weight & wellness journey 8 years ago, I hated cooking and I was short on time. But I still kept printing meal plans and buying groceries that would spoil. Which made me feel wasteful. Or worse if I did make something healthy none of my family wanted it and I’d be in my feelings. It took many years of trial and error but I finally found a personalized meal planning strategy that’s effective and enjoyable. I want you to have the same!

  4. BONUS: Believers submit your plan to God.You literally have access to supernatural power. If you have a relationship with the Creator of the Universe, you don’t have to try to create consistency on your own. You have Divine Help empowering you to succeed. (2 Chronicles 32:8).

As my gift to you, I’m offering the Meal Plan Strategy Video Course & eBook that includes your tools to discovery consistent meal planning:

  • 6 Solution focused Meal Planning Videos

  • 60 page Solution Guide

  • 5 Page Quick Guide and

  • 11 delicious plant based, Daniel Fast Friendly recipes

For only $47 for 3 days only (ends 2/2/2022) before the price increases.

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