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"Diets Don't Work!" Then What Does? (Overcoming Obesity Club Weekly Recap)

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

"Diets don't work!" So then, what does work for weight loss with wellness?

During our weekly Overcoming Obesity Club room on March 17th, 2022, our featured moderators shared facts and personal experiences on diets. We also shared how we shifted from chasing diets to using food as fuel for life.

Here are the highlights of our discussion.

The 3 M's: Mindset, Make it Yours, & Maintenance Mood.

I started by sharing "Three M's" of shifting from dieting to using food as fuel which are:

1. Mindset shift

2. Make it Personal

3. Maintenance Mode

Each moderator weighed in with practical tips for each category.

1. Mindset Shift

One of the first shifts is changing how you use food. As a former emotional eater, I used to use food for comfort and relief. But, on my journey, I learned to listen to how food makes me feel, not just eat because of how I feel.

When you embrace a "Food is Fuel" mindset. Food becomes a tool that can either energize you or slow you down. Other moderators embrace the following mindsets.

  • "Food is Medicine" Dr. Folake Taylor

  • "Food is Maintenance for my lifestyle." Rik Childs

  • "Release restriction" Dr. Angela Clack

2. Make It Personal

Eating to fuel your body isn't a one diet fits all approach. You are unique, so eating to fuel

your body has to suit your individual needs. The tried and true way of finding out what works for your body is paying attention to how your body responds to different foods. Laboratory studies like food sensitivity tests and nutrigenomics may confirm what you've discerned about certain foods. If you're wondering, nutrigenomics is an emerging field of personalized science that uses your DNA and other factors to determine which foods work best for your body. We'll host a future Overcoming Obesity room on nutrigenomics.

For now, we focused on what worked for us on our journeys.

  • "Get your numbers- See your physician or health care clinicians." Dr. Angela Clack & Rik Childs

  • "Get a team[ of professionals and supporters] to help you win," Dr. Kina & Rik Childs

3. Maintenance Mode

You create consistency one choice at a time. So choose the foods you want to eat! The old dieting mindset focuses on a

deadline when the diet will "die" off. However, your food as fuel mindset focuses on how you can fuel your body for life.

To maintain your food choices, aim to

"Make small changes over time."

"Keep yourself healthy with the foods you choose."

"Add variety. Keep trying something new."

Not One Diet Fits All

We shared a lot of information during our discussion, but the most significant take home is the best "diet" for you is the empowering eating plan that fits your lifestyle.

Join Overcoming Obesity Club on Thursdays 12 pm-1 pm EST on the Clubhouse app.

Each we help you win on your weight & wellness journey.

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3/17/22 Room Replay: You can catch the full replay here.

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