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Embrace Your Freedom

“They were free for 2 years but didn’t know it.”

Every year I read the history of Juneteenth and this part always breaks my heart.

I reflect on the horrors of American slavery I’ve watched and read about. Though they should have always been free, they weren’t.

Four hundred years of slavery. Then to think living an additional 2 years in unnecessary slavery after you should be free. It’s so horrible! But as I was getting all indignant. God started to check me about the ways we still live as if we aren’t free.

Due to the residual effects of institutional slavery such as systemic racism, systematic inequality and inequity there’s still many barriers Black people deal with. Yes it’s different from physical slavery but existing inequality and inequity has life threatening effects as we witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic magnified the glaring health and socioeconomic disparities that predated COVID-19.

There’s still a lot of work to be done systematically to achieve true freedom of equality and equity.

So I’ll focus on some freedoms that are more accessible.

We are

Free to love our body without trying to fit someone else’s standard of beauty.

Free to release foods & habits that no longer help us be our best.

Free to embrace positive ways of handling stress.


  • Are you embracing these freedoms?

  • Are you still stuck in your old patterns?

  • Are you loving yourself unconditionally & making positive choices for yourself?

“They were free to ….but didn’t know it.” That’s why that hits for years I was free but didn’t know it because I was trapped in negative mindsets.

  • I focused on what I couldn’t do instead of what I could do.

  • I focused on my fears instead of having faith in the abilities entrusted to me.

  • I focused on the pain of my past mistakes instead of the hope of my future.

You are free but do you embrace your freedom?

Yes there’s a lot in this world that needs to improve for Black lives. But first start by improving your life. It’s time to:

  • Release Fear & Embrace Courage

  • Release Self-doubt & Embrace Confidence

  • Release Self-sabotage & Embrace Success

  • Release Isolation & Embrace Support

Our ancestors paid a dear price for us to enjoy the freedoms we have today. Show them love by choosing to love yourself enough to fully embrace your freedom.

Yes, celebrate Juneteenth! Enjoy the day! 2021 Juneteenth hits differently because it is a FEDERALLY recognized holiday. The first 🆕 federal holiday since MLK Day in 1983.

How are you celebrating your freedom on Juneteenth?


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