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Embrace Your Strategy To Conquering Meal Plans

How was your Thanksgiving, Fabulous Embracers?

Have you started meal planning with all your leftovers?

Seriously now's a great time to create some freezer meals with your leftovers. Plus if you're on your weight loss or wellness journey freezing those leftovers now can help prevent overindulging for too many days. No pressure though just food for thought =).

Today in the Overcoming Obesity Club we kicked off our series, "Not A New You, Embrace You to Your Best You in 2022" by discussing Your Meal Prep Strategy. It was a great discussion and we covered the importance of mindset shifts that help with meal prepping and other useful meal prepping tips.

I love creating practical solutions for challenges. One of the challenges I receive a lot questions about is meal prepping in meal prepping and planning. Specifically, you ask “What can I do to make my meal planning easier?”

I feel your pain and frustration. I also went through the stress of trying to meal plan and prep when I first started my weight loss journey seven years ago. I’ll confess back then I wasn’t a good cook. Also my lack of skills made me think I didn’t like to cook. Still I had good intentions: I would buy groceries and never cook them; or download meal plans but not follow them. Then since I was unprepared, at the last minute I’d find myself eating familiar yet unhealthy foods. It took a lot of trial and error but I learned without an effective strategy my meal plans usually failed. That’s how Your Meal Plan Strategy Solution eWorkbook & Video Course was born.

Part of the Embrace You Weight & Wellness mission is to use all the hard lessons I’ve learned to make your journey easier. Yes, we’re all unique, but we do share some common

struggles. In my ten years of practicing clinical medicine. I’ve found there are 5 major barriers to consistent meal planning:

  • Your Time;

  • Your Taking Care of Others Needs > your own;

  • Your Taste/ Traditions;

  • Your Travel/ Takeout Habits; and/or

  • Your Talent (Cooking Skills/ Enjoyment).

Fortunately for every obstacle there’s an opportunity for solutions.

That’s why I’ve created proven strategies to overcome each of these meal planning barriers.

Developed during the pandemic, Your Meal Plan Strategy Solution eWorkbook & video course, has helped over 30 Embracers breakthrough their meal planning barriers just like I have.

Till now this transformational tool was an exclusive feature of the Embrace You Weight & Wellness Breakthrough Journey. To celebrate Small Business Saturday I’ve made Your Meal Plan Strategy Solution accessible to you even if you are not enrolled in the Embrace You Breakthrough Journey.

You can learn more and get Your Meal Plan Strategy Solution eWorkbook & Video Course here. Now through CyberMonday, you’ll get both the eWorkbook & Video course for 75% off retail value.

What’s your biggest meal plan barrier? Have you found your effective strategy yet?

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