Not A New You: Embrace You in 2022-Movement Tips

How did your fitness journey go in 2021? If you’re like me, your fitness journey 2021 had highs & lows. As I completed my last run of 2021 on 12/31/21, I reflected on my highs & lows.


  • Running over 1021K;

  • Becoming a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Group Fitness instructor ;

  • Joining Cycled Boutique. Cycling helped me stay active during my injyet recover.

  • Helping Incredible Embracers find movement they love


  • Multiple injuries which set me back a few weeks.

  • Didn’t reach my goal of running 1000 miles in 2021

Overall I’m grateful to stay consistent & keep moving despite the fitness obstacles I’ve faced in 2021. I’m entering my 8th year of my fitness journey and it feels great.

In late 2014 when I started my weight & wellness journey, I never could have imagined I’d be posting my 8th year of consistent movement.

Back then I was

  • 40lbs overweight,

  • eating unhealthy,

  • not prioritizing sleep or self care

  • & I “hated exercise.”

How did I get from there to today?

I had many “false starts.” You know where I tried to be consistent, only to end up not following through.

What finally made the difference was:

1️⃣Mindset shift- I stopped being hard on my self for what I didn’t do & instead focused on what I could do. Rather than get mad at myself because I didn’t workout for 30 mins., I congratulated myself on even a 1 minute workout because it was better than 0 minutes.

💜Embrace “Easy is still effective.”

2️⃣Makeover my workout wardrobe.